Free Jio offer ends on Dec 3, company may launch free public Wi-Fi tomorrow

Free Jio offer ends on Dec 3, company may launch free public Wi-Fi tomorrow

Welcome Offer of Reliance Jio, which allowed Jio users free data and calls, is going to end on this 3rd of December. As of now there is no such clarity from the directors. Like how the Jio service holders will be offered from December 4 under free Jio offer.

But we know that tomorrow the company is going to make an announcement or two that is likely to ease some uncertainties of all those who are using a Jio SIM card. We all are now expecting to the launch of public Wi-Fi powered by Jio.

Let’s see what is going to be tomorrow, hoping for some positive news when it’s come to network issues as well.

Reliance Jio announced its plans in September; something called public Wi-Fi was there in almost each plan. Company has already started testing the Wi-Fi in India. Well starting from January 1 people will have to buy the paid plans and it becomes essential for Reliance Jio to prepare its services.

Stay Tuned for more Free Jio offer and other Latest Web Technology News Updates.

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