Indian IT services firm stocks dip

Indian IT services firm stocks dip

Indian IT services firm stocks dip after government suspends fast tech visas.

So many companies are facing issues after the election of new US president Donald trump. Few IT firms like Infosys and Wipro firm stocks dip due to the suspension of visa by the government. That’s a major concern for few big companies that their growth is on high risk as of now.

As per a report after all this, US shares of Infosys fell down at 1.2%. There are so many IT companies in India those who are serving US corporations and all are facing issues now.

After the conditions by US president it’s getting really hard for those companies to fulfill the conditions of Donald Trump. And they can’t pay that much to their employees as well as compare to US citizens.

Well now so many employees’ job is on stake.  Plus Donald Trump is favoring his country and that is of obvious reasons.  As per other reports US president is now expecting 5000 jobs back to US.

This is a slight indication to few US companies to hire US candidates only for their projects. And US companies are hiring Indians at an affordable cost which isn’t going to happen as per the reports. Just because of all these now Indian IT services firm stocks are getting dip.

Let’s see what else is in the stores of government policies. Stay tuned for more updates on Indian IT services firm stocks dip and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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