Fight against hate content online

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Fight against hate content online

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube have recently announced the partnership in order to fight Hate Content Online. Few hate contents are going viral now days on social media so rapidly. That was so important to make such partnership to fight against such immense issue.

Each of the social media website has been working at their own in order to prevent its platform. But they all are being so strict and trying to prevent such views those are spreading negative speeches.

This is going to be such a great initiative to stand up against such hate and violence. This will also help them to spread some positive vibes as well.

Twitter faster at detecting unrest and violence: Study

As per another updates we have got that Twitter is really quick when we talk about detecting violence. It can really help to track riots and few auspicious activities before they are the actual report to the cops. As social media has always played a vital role to spread little information so quickly. So now every social media giants are tighten up their activities by this partnership.

We’ve already witnessed huge number of tweets already in order to spread an incident at so many places.

Facebook has already mentioned that they are going to educate few organizations on how to fight against hate content online. Let’s see what else is in the stores of all the social media giants.

Stay tuned for more updates on Fight against hate content online and more Latest Web Technology News Updates.

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