fingerprint scanners

Features of fingerprint scanners

Have a look at few features of fingerprint scanners in your smartphone:

There are so many Smartphones available in market as of now those are having fingerprint sensors. You normally use such features just to lock and unlock your Smartphone but there are few other options as well. Let’s just have a look at few other options like what exactly you can do with fingerprint scanner.

You can selectively lock your apps

Just in case so many users are operating your phone that’s the best way to protect your Smartphone. You can apply fingerprint code in order to save your private information like Whatsapp and other social media accounts. Well here you can selectively lock few settings like use to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as well.

You can keep your passwords secure

Well it’s a really good idea to have different passwords for few social media accounts. But you can save your passwords under password vault and you can use fingerprint scanner to protect such passwords.

Fingerprint as a camera shutter

Few devices are having this stock camera app where you just need to tap the sensor to capture a photo. This is around 130 Rs as a onetime purchase, so you can use fingerprint sensor in that way too.

Google play purchases authentication

Google use to give you an option like is that really you who are going to make the purchases. You can apply purchase authentication there in order to provide more security option over there with fingerprint scanner.

Showing selective photos from Media Gallery

If you want to avoid displaying all pictures from your gallery, you can place few photos in your private zone. You can use fingerprint scanner for that as well.

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