Facebook is testing WhatsApp button

Whatsapp fight with fake news

Facebook is testing WhatsApp button in its app

That’s such big news coming up from the end of Facebook that Facebook is testing WhatsApp button in their app. Now this will be really interesting to check the new look and feel of the most popular social media giant. So many users have already noticed that WhatsApp button and this move is really going to surprise so many users.

As per the reports, this feature is already available for iOS users and this will be out for all users. If you want to use this feature, you have to follow few steps:

  • First you’ve to go through settings.
  • After that you’ve to click on Data and Storage usage.
  • Then click on storage usage.

After following these steps you’ll get an idea and you’ll have to wait for the app to load the chats. This app will also tell you the amount of data usage occupied by the every single chat conversation.

Stay tuned for more updates on WhatsApp button and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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