Facebook plans to fight fake news

Facebook plans to fight fake news

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg discloses how Facebook plans to fight fake news

Now a day’s Facebook is facing criticism this is just because of U.S. presidential election. As trump made a statement that this social networking site helped him win this election.

As per Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has long persisted that it is a technology company and not a publisher. And rejects the idea that it should be held answerable for the content that its users circulate on the platform.

Just after the election, Zuckerberg said the notion that fake or misleading news on Facebook had helped swing the election to Donald Trump was a “crazy idea.”

More than 99% of what people see on Facebook is authentic, calling “only a very small amount” fake news and hoaxes, Mark Zuckerberg added.

All these things aren’t impacting users much but still Facebook is considering all these as a harm to this most popular social media application.

“Though the percentage of misinformation is comparatively diminutive, we have so many tasks to do ahead on our roadmap,” Zuckerberg said.

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