Facebook planning ‘expiry’ for your posts

Facebook achieves milestone

Facebook planning ‘expiry’ for your posts

Now this is such big news coming up from the end of Facebook. That facebook planning expiry for your posts. This can surprise all of you out here. Basically Snapchat has started this story feature. And after that so many apps like Instagram and Hike started using this feature.

It’s time for Facebook and this big social media website is planning to roll out this feature.

As per the update, image and video will be there for 24 hours and after that it will disappear.

Now days Facebook is already using few filters and other geo location-sensitive filters just like Snapchat.

Previously as per a update Facebook purchased Instagram. And now Facebook is planning to take over few features just to make this social media website a better one.

In the recent past, Facebook was facing a huge amount of criticism just because of 2016 US presidential election. And Mark Zuckerberg is trying to modify few things and this new feature is a part of that.

Basically Facebook is the most popular social media website among this globe. And with each and every day the users are in increasing trend.

Right now Facebook is trying this stories feature in Ireland before internationally expansion of the feature.

As per the Cathcart mentioned in a blog post. “This post expiry feature was the most demanding feature addition since we made the last update”.

He further added, that we’re going to make this feature. And just to make sure people aren’t missing the most important topics. That might not show up in the news feed.

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