Facebook news feed may change

Facebook news feed

Facebook news feed may change soon: reports

In the modern era of social media, almost every social media website and app is keeping it all up to the date. They all just want users to stay connected with the latest things. Following the trend, even Facebook is doing the same and the venture is all set to change the news feed. We’ll wait and watch for the responses later on that how will few users will react on that update, till then we can focus on a few highlights.

Facebook is trying to prioritize all the news feed as per the user’s preferences, this may hurt Facebook pages. The update is all about two ranks, wherein first priority will be the friends someone might want to hear from the past. And the other one might want to hear from the most and other priorities.

In the recent past Facebook was consistently asking users that which posts they want to check first. And as per the sources, so many users participated in that survey and Facebook took the information from there. Now it’s time to move forward and Facebook is taking it to another level. Still Facebook is reporting that it will not impact either pages or friends circle.

At the last Facebook mentioned, that changes aren’t meant to show more or less updates from pages or friends.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Facebook news feed and other Latest Web Technology News.

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