Facebook introduces Group Video Chat in Messenger

Facebook introduces Group Video Chat in Messenger

Recently, Facebook has declared a latest attribute for Messenger called as “Group Video Chat”. You can now make the first move towards group video chat with others using this app. You can make a video call with up to 50 users at a time which is really interesting.

Once you’ll install latest version of FB-messenger, you can create a group of video calling by tapping on video icon. That you can find on the right upper side of the FB messenger screen. You can straight away fetch the video call while everyone else in the discussion will get a notification too.

This group video chat over Facebook messenger is easy to use but you may feel a bit slow without Wi-Fi. If you’re going for a larger group (because more than 50 people can join at a time). So first of all make sure you’re using an appropriate data plan before going for this amazing feature from the facebook’s end.

This new Facebook Messenger application is something calls 3D masks. This new edition of Messenger, this is what we are as a final point of seeing such new 3D masks presented in the camera application. That will be presented in group video calling feature on Android very soon.

Now Facebook is rolling out the Group Video Chat attribute on Android, iOS, and the desktop edition of Facebook Messenger which is going to start from today onwards.

Facebook is also continuing to update on regular basis after the negative vibes spreader USA elections and followed by few other fakes news issues too. Let’s see how Facebook will overcome by all these issues.

You can now install the latest version of Facebook Messenger directly from the Google Play Store. Let’s just wait for the next update. Till then stay tuned.

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