Have a look at Facebook features

Facebook achieves milestone

Have a look at Facebook features and learn How to use few of them.

Facebook Messenger: How to activate live location tracking

Facebook has recently rolled out a new feature just to share the live location tracking which is an amazing feature. By using this users can share their current location continuously for up to an hour similar to Google maps. Have a look at the step of doing that so:

  • First of all you have to tap on the contact with whom you want to share your location at that time.
  • You’ll get ‘More’ icon there, tap on that icon.
  • Then you have to choose location in the option menus.
  • After that you’ll get to see the current location map that too with an option of sharing your location. Tap on the blue tick to share your live location.
  • While sharing your live location you can tap anytime to stop your location as well by using ‘Stop Sharing’.
  • You will get to know the duration of the live sharing location by using ‘Stopwatch’.
  • You can share your static location on the map as well in case your friends can’t track you online.

How to disable auto-play video feature

Have a look at few steps to turn off your auto-play video feature; this is just to save your data.

  • You have to login to your Facebook account first of all.
  • After that you have to tap the ‘three-lined button’ in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • There you have to go through ‘App settings’,
  • After that you have to turn off when it’s come to ‘Video in News Feed Start with Sound’

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