Facebook achieves milestone

Facebook achieves milestone

Facebook achieves milestone

As per the recent reports, Facebook has achieved another milestone with touching 2 billion monthly active users. That’s a really big achievement for Facebook that it been less than five years after hitting one million mark. Facebook is really growing day by day as it’s one of the most popular social media giant.

User base of the Facebook is really big and it has more than a population of any country. That’s really a good bench mark, it represents Facebook is really going on a good pace.

Recently Facebook has defined a category of monthly active user base that logged in or visited this social media platform. Facebook has included both the platform like through its website or Smartphone device in the recent past.

Well the survey hasn’t included the users those who are using Instagram or WhatsApp but they aren’t available on Facebook.

Facebook has reached the basic milestone as one billion users that were in the month of October 2012.

Facebook owns few other apps like WhatsApp and Instagram as well and that has already achieved few milestones. Previously Instagram topped with 700 million users in April and reached its own milestone. Instagram has 250 million daily active users those who are posting on Instagram stories on the regular basis.

Now Twitter has 328 million monthly users as per the survey of the end of the first quarter of 2017.

Facebook is consistently working on the updates to make this social media platform more effective just to attract few users. And Facebook is really getting successful in all these updates.

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