Ecommerce updates

ecommerce updates

Now days that are new trend among ecommerce platform like Amazon and Flipkart to give away heavy discounts on Smartphones. Even that thing are playing vital role in the success of such big ecommerce companies. As per the strategists Smartphones are really selling up as a number one electronic device over such platforms. Basically such things have initiated by Amazon and Flipkart to deal with the slow progress of the online market.

As per the reports further Smartphones contributed close to 25% of the overall sales when we talk about 2016.

Now everyone is heading towards online industry and Smartphones are growing so rapidly in the last few years. About 300 million Indian users are having the internet connection over their Smartphones and really less over desktop. That’s the major reason that people are always up with their phones and always up for online shopping.

Amazon has recently started “The Great Indian Sale” from 11th – 14th of May that also encouraged huge amount of customers. And they mentioned that mainly customers were asking for Smartphones as company was giving away huge discounts. Discounts were up to Rs 1,000 on Coolpad phones and it was 40% off over Motorola phones.

When we talk about Flipkart Big 10 sale, which is from May 14th – 18th is also having some special offers. As per the reports the phone models during the sale priced between Rs 10,000 – 80,000 will have buyback offers.

So such companies are really leading towards a change in this ecommerce industry, that’s really good for a change. We will discuss few more things about this in our next article. Till then stay tuned with us for latest news about Technology and other Amazon and Flipkart updates.

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