Now drones will read human heart rate

Now drones will read human heart rate

Now drones will read human heart rate

Drones Capable of reading human heart rate developed

Now that’s another move in order to witness the revolution in technology that drones will read human heart rate. That drone is capable of measuring breathe and heart rate of a person from 60 metres away. If this is really going to happen, that’s such an revolutionary move by the scientists in the health sector. Basically Australian researchers have developed this technology and this will be really beneficial.

Researchers have mentioned that the drone was able to measure a subject’s heart beat by using a camera. This will help in in the circumstances of disaster or something, this will help finding who’s dying and who’s living.

At the same time you’ll be able to use this technology in order to make the most of facial recognition. Apart from that you can use this technology to check the heart-rate after climbing few stairs and let people know.

This technology has many advantages and disadvantages as well, but still advantages are more fruitful in that case.

Stay tuned for more information on drone’s impact on human heart rate and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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