It’s time for driverless buses

Driverless buses

Now London is testing for Driverless buses

When we talk about revolution in technology, this is really going to be amazing. That London is going to be a part of a public trial of driverless buses very soon. As per the recent report, around about 100 people will be travelling over next three weeks.

This computer controlled bus will be able to travel around about 16 km/h. This is such low speed but so many people will get the benefits of this driverless bus. As per another report there will be no steering and brake pedal to control this bus. This will move automatically as per the operating system.

When we talk about seating capacity, 4 people can travel at one time in this bus.

This is quite interesting as well risky as there will be no driver in this bus. But there will be a trained person just to stop this bus in case of any emergency.

This will be there by the end of 2019 on the trail basis. And authorized persons are saying this will definitely improve the transport facilities in few locations.

As per another report, for security concerns few cameras and lasers will out this bus to navigate. Well this is going to be so exciting. Let’s see when this is going to be there. We will keep you connected with this update. Stay tuned.

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