Donald Trump’s H-1B Visa Policies

Trump’s H-1B Visa Policies

Donald Trump’s H-1B Visa Policies

That’s a latest topic on the head of all the Indian IT workers those who are working with US companies. After the US elections so many policies have changed and Trump is strictly banning the outsiders for USA. Now as per the latest Nasscom’s report, such policies will only hurt Indian IT and that won’t save US jobs.

Now after implementation of such policies on H-1B Visas, Indian commerce minister has a warning for US government. Our commerce minister warned that US need to keep in mind that American companies are doing business here. And such policies are impacting so many workers and companies from India and other countries as they can’t travel.

Further as per the reports, she mentioned that it’s not just Indian companies that are there in US. In fact there so several big US companies are there in Indian too and they are earning really well. The way they are earning the profits over there, that is adding up with US economy only. It’s been so long that US companies are doing business in India; now coming up with such policies won’t help.

As per the statement, US president Trump signed an order on H-1B visas and Australia too revise it’s visa system. Now USA is planning to replace this system with a merit-based approach. Let’s see what is in the stores of US government.

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