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Modi government transforms India’s digital engagement

Even before he took office, he always mentioned that he is dreaming for digital India. And he is going to make so many changes by initiating so many things at his own. He always mentioned about few things like digitalization in mobile technology, cyber security, farmers empowerment and few other things. Narendra Modi is consistently working for the digitalization for this fasting growing country, India. He has already translated few amazing Ideas into reality in the past few years with his unimaginable work skills.

Cashless economy

That was his first step to encourage this country towards digitalization and he did it after facing huge criticism. Narendra Modi launched the “BHIM App” as well in order to make the payments flexible. Government is really pushing hard for e-transactions that will allow customers to deal with so transparency. We have already sensed the huge number of increment in number of Internet users after this cash ban.

Good Governance

Government launched few of platforms like “” which promotes participatory governance and that’s really good for the country. Technology activists consider that now ministries necessitate their individual complaint solution system. That’s such an amazing thing any country can have as of now.

Fastest growing market

Right now India is among the world’s fastest growing Smartphone markets. When we talk about such analysis we are growing rapidly and that industry increased by 20% in last 2.5 years. Government is really working hard on the services related to Pan cards, Voter IDs and other certifications by going digital. And the number of users increased by four times than the previous numbers, that’s a big plus.

There are so many other things as well that has really been changed in the recent past after Modi’s government. Let’s see what is in the stores of this technological world of this era. Stay tuned for more updates Digital India and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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