Now Desktop support for Android messages

Desktop support for Android messages

Now Desktop support for Android messages

Finally Google is rolling out desktop support for Android messages, it will allow users to send, view and receive messages. It will be really easy for the users to manage their work those who instantly using both android and desktop. After this update users will be able to get those messages directly on their personal computers. So many tech giants are calling this one a massive update and it will deduct the workload too.

Few search engine giant are planning to roll out the support for text, pictures and stickers on the web soon. This could be another revolutionary move and Google is giving their best in order to compile this thing.

In order to start this, you’ve to do is to scan a QR code using the Android Messages Mobile app. Basically it will generate a link between your phone to desktop’s android messages website. It will be really easy to copy and paste the data between these two. Google has suggested that you can turn your Wi-Fi off and on again in case of any issues.  This feature will also work on cellular data, but it will cost your data and it may be expensive.

Stay tuned for more information on Desktop support for Android messages and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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