Causes of social media

Causes of social media

20% young people wake at night to use social media: Study

As per a new research in UK few young people stay awake at night just to use social media.

In this survey, specialists asked students about their sleeping time and getting up times. Like what exactly they are doing at such times.

Well in this survey and this was including 12-15 years kids. Questionnaire was about sleeping routines like what people use to do at night. And few other questions on social media activities.

In the survey, there were few other questions like how happy they were with other area of their life and this is including school and friendship.

After the free services by Reliance Jio, trend of such social sites increased rapidly. Youngsters are making the most of free services. Other operators are also giving heavy discount and this is making youngsters use to the social sites activities.

As per the previous reports by few social media specialists, number of users increased in the recent past. This is because of the change in bill payment plans.

Few reports were coming up on that, being there on social websites are affecting the happiness of young people. This is really impacting the life of youngsters as few affected by the lack of sleep as well.

Last year also we heard something like that few university students were linking social media a reason for the lack of their sleep. And they found the more time they are spending on social media, the more they are feeling the awkward scenarios. Like awkward mood, low productivity and of course lack of sleep too.

So the conclusion is, use social media but don’t go for such addiction for the best of your health.

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