Highlights of Budget 2018

Highlights of Budget 2018

Highlights of Budget 2018

Finance minister Arun Jaitley has finally introduced union budget 2018 in the parliament. And there are so many things to consider in this budget for every class of this country. Have a look at few major points of this budget in short:

  • In this budget they didn’t change the income exemption limit or the income tax rates applicable to different slabs. But now they have made few changes wherein that will impact the income tax that you’re paying. Companies with over Rs 250 crore turn-over, they will be now payable to tax at 25 per cent.
  • Now Government will cover 500 million Indians in “health insurance scheme” and will give the cover of Rs 5-lakh.
  • Government is trying to allocate almost every Indian with their own homes by 2022.
  • For widows and orphan kids there are so many programs and they allocated money for social security and protection.
  • As per the Ujjwala scheme, there will be 8 crore free LPG connections will be given to rural women.
  • In order to deduct air pollution in Delhi-NCR, government has proposed subsidized machinery for in-situ management for crops.
  • Government is going to use technology in order to train the teacher and make this education system more effective. Focus is on government school and they’re going to open two new schools of planning and architecture as well.
  • Now government is going to eliminate the use of crypto-currencies which are funding with illegal business like Bitcoin.
  • Re-Development of around 600 major railway stations along with more than 25,000 to have escalators very soon. Apart from that there will 4000 KMs of new railway track before the end of 2019.
  • Government is focusing on water supply to households in 500 cities and this will cost around Rs 19,428 crore.
  • Custom duty on mobile phone is up now from 15% to 20%.

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