Biggest Smartphone Companies

biggest Smartphone companies

Have a look at biggest Smartphone companies

So many companies are investing like anything on the Smartphones having a look at the demands of Smartphone in market. So there are many companies those who are doing really well, have a look at the biggest Smartphone companies.


When we talk about biggest Smartphone companies, here we’ve Samsung on the top of the listings. As per the latest reports, company is having the market share of around 22% in Q2 of 2017. That’s really too big for any Smartphone company. Basically Galaxy series of Samsung Smartphones made this company really big.


That’s a bit surprising but Apple is on No. 2 spot of the Smartphone brand’s rankings. Company holds 11.2% market share on the global basis.


That’s a Chinese Smartphone brand Huawei and it is growing rapidly. Recently company has announced the quarter shipments units of 38.4 million. That’s really making this company of the biggest one.


OPPO is the 4th largest Smartphone brand and it belongs to China. When we talk about this brand, OPPO is having 8.4% of market share globally during this quarter. This brand is growing rapidly in India and other countries.


Vivo has 6.6% of market share when we talk about global market. And this brand is the 5th largest brand globally. Even this brand is growing rapidly all over the world just like OPPO.


This one is also one of the fastest growing brands and it has also few amazing Smartphones. MI series of this brand is really doing very well due to which this brand is growing so quickly.


This is a very well known company to everyone when it’s come to the electronics industry. But now it has few amazing Smartphones too.

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