BHIM Updates, Have a look at it

BHIM Updates

Have a look at few BHIM Updates.

When we talk about this E-wallet app BHIM, it’s regularly gaining the importance. App launched on December of 30th, 2016 and till now almost around 14 million users have downloaded this app. Let’s just talk about few highlights of this app. And apart from that 3.8 million users have linked their bank accounts with this popular app.

  • BHIM has already made a business of up to Rs. 365 crores as of now. This is really a huge amount.
  • This app is digitally empowering the poor people of this nation.
  • BHIM app may become the most successful brand in this nation as government is backing up this e-wallet app.
  • As per the previous updates, all public sector banks expected to join BHIM platform: NPCI

This app has recently updated to the latest version which is BHIM app 1.2 and it has few latest features. Like different language support apart from Hindi and English. Now you can like pay to “Aadhaar Number”, and few features like spam reports are there too.

NPCI is working with few banks just to make sure few things. That all are going to be a part of this platform by the end of this month. Let’s just wait what is in the stores for this app.

Previously government took the initiative towards digital India and launched this app. And now this app is almost on the way to become the most popular e-wallet app of this nation. So many users are like; they just love the features of this app. This app will surely empower the poor people of this country and will definitely connect with the digital economy.

Here are few quick links of BHIM app:

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