BHIM vs Paytm: Best cashless solution for India

BHIM vs Paytm: best cashless solution

BHIM vs Paytm: The best cashless solution for India

Now it’s an era of E-Wallets and everyone is going cashless. Previously, Our PM has launched this so called Indian app BHIM last year on 8th of November. This is just to compete with other companies like PayTm, MobiKwik and Freecharge. Basically it’s BHIM vs Paytm.

As per the reports, BHIM seems like simpler and convenient for users as comparison to other apps.

As BHIM has no difficulty of access but on the other hand PayTm is extensively being used worldwide. Both have their imperfections and both have their plus points but which one is on top right now? Let’s just have a look.


BHIM isn’t exactly an e-wallet. Well that can be measured a simplest way to go through your bank account to make payments and stuff. Basically you don’t require adding money to BHIM app, as it is your bank account only.

When it’s come to the installation of BHIM App, this is really easy, at the other hand PayTm is not. That doesn’t mean PayTm is that difficult or something but BHIM is just a little easier than PayTm.


PayTm has come up with more security feature now days, as recently PayTm came up with password lock as well as pattern lock to check the app’s balance and to make payments as well. It’s been really long time since PayTm is in the market and we haven’t ever heard about any hacking or stuff. Thus PayTm is working really well when it’s come to security measures. Thus we conclude PayTm is really safe.

On the other hand, BHIM app is really new. And it’s a bit tough to make a statement on the security issues. App is using three levels of authentication, first is between the app and the phone, second between the app and the bank, and third between the bank and the phone. All of this sounds good enough. But let’s hope everything will be fine during execution.

Reliability and trust

BHIM is having government’s faith as it has been launched by NPCI, which is enough to have faith on this app. And you can always get in touch with your concerned bank just in case anything goes mistaken or something.

In terms of usage, PayTm is more reliable. Its servers seem more vigorous and there are fewer bugs.

Stay tuned for more updates related to best cashless solution and other latest web technology news.

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