Consider few things for your battery life

battery life

Avoid few things while charging your phone to improve your battery life

Have a look at few things that you should avoid while charging your phone. Only few people are aware of the fact that batteries have an expiry date.

Always charge your phone with its own charger

Using the other charger may affect your battery performance, so it’s always a great idea to use your own charger.

Remove your protection case during the charge

At times phone gets heat up so that’s recommended to remove your case during the charge. You can place your phone over some soft cloth apart from using that case.

Fast chargers aren’t the best option always

Always using few fast chargers isn’t the best option for your battery’s life. If your battery is heating up, then just turn off your phone and get it back to the normal temperature.

Don’t leave your phone on charging for the entire night

Overcharging can damage battery’s life so it’s not a good idea to leave your phone on charge for entire night.

Avoid third party battery apps

Try not to use third party battery apps because such apps constantly run in the background that affects battery life.

You should charge your battery up to 80%

Whenever you’re charging your phone just make sure your phone reaches the 80% mark atleast. Well it’s not important that you should always reach the maximum level.

Check your power banks with protection against voltage surge

If you’re charging via power-banks, it’s important to check that it’s giving your protection against voltage surge and short-circuit. And over charging can also cause damage to your battery life.

Try not to use your Smartphone when it is connected to power bank

Don’t use your device when it is with power bank as it will automatically increase the temperature of your battery.

Use only branded chargers

You should always avoid cheap chargers from unknown manufacturers as they don’t consider safety features for battery’s life.

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