Artificial Intelligence in Smartphones

Artificial Intelligence in Smartphones

Artificial Intelligence on Smartphones

This is the biggest update in the Smartphone industry wherein Artificial intelligence is going to change your Smartphone’s technology. This coming year you’re going to be surprise with this latest technology with such amazing features. Have a look at few top features in detail:

This will change your Smartphone camera and it will get a lot better at subject detection

Using Al, your phone camera will be able to detect few subjects like fireworks and sceneries in the frame easily. This is the key feature that Smartphone makers were trying to do for so long and it’ll be easy now.

Real Time Language translator

Right now there are so many apps available with play store wherein you can easily translate from another language. But these apps use your mobile data in order to translate the actual picture. With the help of Al your phone will be able to translate few languages with even having the data pack.

Face ID to unlock your Smartphone

That’s the major advantage of this Al-based algorithm wherein users will be able to use Face-ID to unlock their smartphones. Recently Apple has launched iPhone X and that’s based on this technology.

Voice assistant support

Now this is really going popular by the time Apple started off with Siri and Google Assistant is there too. This type of voice assistants use to respond to your almost every query and perform as per you.

Support in your daily tasks

This will help you in daily tasks so that it will be so easy for you to schedule your work. Using this it will be easy for you to manage your personal and official tasks.

Stay tuned for more updates on Artificial Intelligence and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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