Few Apps share personal data

Few Apps share personal data

Few Apps share personal data

As per a report, more than 70% apps share users’ personal data with Google and Facebook.

This could be new warning for all the users that few apps are sharing the personal data with third companies. Whenever we use to install few apps, it uses to ask for the user’s permission to access all the details. So make sure you read all the safety information before you install any of the app over android or iOS.

On the other hand, few apps collect such information for the betterment of the app so it can work properly.

If they’re sharing data with third parties app, so it would be easy for the companies to track your information. Most of the users don’t even have a look at such security information. And few other users click on “Agree” to the terms and conditions without even considering those statements.

Few researchers are trying to investigate that how much data one app can collect without even informing users.  After collecting the data such companies are selling that data on a huge amount. That’s a business at its own that so many companies are adopting nowadays.

So just beware of downloading few apps from unknown sources, so that you can save yourself in many ways.

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