Make calls and book appointment via Google Assistant

book appointment via Google Assistant

Make calls and book appointment via Google Assistant

That’s the biggest revolution in technology that now you can use Google Assistant for making phone calls and book appointments. Google Assistant has changed the way things were going on in the recent past. Now you can use Google Assistant to call restaurants, hair salon and other trades in order to make appointments.

Google is working hard to make this assistant even more feasible for the users. Google is also try to expand the ability of it’s assistant to order food from Starbucks and Domino’s Pizza. And it will also provide suggestions as well in order to make the best of the choices. Google is trying to integrate their assistant into video screens wherein you’ll able to check the display as well. Such artificial intelligence will surely reduce the human work and it will look so good too.

This update got unveiled at the annual developer conference by Google and few other leading companies. It will definitely help few businesses in order to grow their online sales and other advertisement activities. Google CEO has already initiated the conversation between assistant and people at the restaurant and hair salon. They found it so good and assistant gave all the answers they were looking for and it was too motivating for the company. Hope it will help and solve so many issues related to appointment via Google Assistant.

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