Apple’s admitting some Touch Disease

Apple’s admitting some ‘Touch Disease’

Apple’s admitting some Touch Disease

Now after few months of rotating a sightless eye to Touch Disease. Apple has finally going to start a repair program worldwide. And this is to address the issues of iPhone 6 Plus phones.

Touch Disease, which recently exposed by third-party specialists. This is a fault that affects an iPhone’s display to flicker and touch screens to become insensitive. This is really complicated now a day’s among apple iPhone 6 users.

As per those specialists, Touch Disease is caused by faulty touch screen manager chips that aren’t correctly bonded to the iPhone’s logic board. Well over the time we can fix the controller chips.

Apple is now offering maintenance for such affected iPhone 6 Pluses for $149 as long as the screen’s not damaged or cracked. Still this can be heartbreaking for those who are going to buy this. Let’s hope that it will be okey really soon.

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