Apple plans to make few new model iPhones

Apple new model iPhones

Apple plans to make few new model iPhones

As per the recent updates coming up from Apple that company is planning for few new model iPhones this year. Apple Inc is about to ship around 80 million new model iPhones this year. Sales of iPhone are also going upwards considering the map of this market. Now company is about to manufacture 20% fewer components for three new iPhones that company is going to launch soon. These phones are expected to launch in the second half of 2018.

Apple is really working hard on its iPhones and consistently coming up with new models of iPhone. That’s the reason why users of iPhone are completely persisting with this company for so long. In the recent times, smartphone market has gone up due to decrease in mobile data services.

The way things are going with Apple iPhone this could be a point of concerns for Android smartphone makers. Consistency of iPhone users are also really commendable they way they are loving their brand. We will update you once Apple will be there with new model iPhones.

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