Airlines in India might soon offer Wi-fi for in-flight passengers

Airlines in India will offer Wi-fi soon

Airlines in India might soon offer Wi-fi for in-flight passengers

That’s really a good news that now Fliers from Airlines in India. That they might soon be able to use voice and video services through Wi-Fi onboard. Well as of now, Wi-Fi and telephonic services are not allowed on flights here in India which is going to be changed.

He added that, the proposal for as long as onboard Wi-Fi services involve adjustments of requirements of Indian Telegraph Act, 1885 and Indian Telegraph Rules made there under.

“As of now, Wi-Fi in-flight Entertainment System is an independent system. And this is not connected to aircraft control systems making it safe for aircraft operations.”

Various countries, including the US and UAE allow in-flight Wi-Fi services. Let’s see when we are going to make the most of this service. Internationally, so many airlines are already offering Wi-Fi for passengers. But as of now they are asking the passengers to switch off once they are entering in India.

Well usually, Wi-Fi facilities for fliers can be offered either in the course of air-to-ground via technology or satellite connectivity.

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